Hey all,

I have caching DNS servers running on two BSD 5.4 machines, and what happens on both of them is that the processes will just lock up, and while they may still answer some queries, they don't refresh or update, or respond to proper signals.

For example:

s2# sh /etc/rc.d/named stop
Stopping named.
Waiting for PIDS: 278, 278, 278, 278, 278, 278, 278, 278, 278, 278^C
s2# kill -9 278
s2# sh /etc/rc.d/named start
Starting named.

They're running bind 9.3.1 -- I'm in the process of bumping one of my boxes up to FBSD 6.1 to run the latest and greatest named to see if this resolves things, but is this otherwise a known issue? The servers are authoritative for about 75 domains each, and only do recursive lookups for our network.

Any ideas? If this was just on a single machine I'd scratch my head a bit less here.

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