On Tuesday 31 December 2002 01:51 pm, John Bleichert wrote:
> Hello All
> Is there anyway to get e.g. a u with an umlaught over it (ASCII 159 I
> think) in a text emailer like pine or mutt, if your keyboard doesn's
> have said character? How about text editors like nedit?
> Hopefully not too, too offtopic.

Are you running any desktop at the time. For example, I have a us/es 
button on my status bar of KDE-3, which provides dead keys that let me 
type the acutes, the diaeresis(umlaut) keys, and others. The "'" key, 
for example, becomes a kind of sticky key and you type it and then the 
letter you want to be an acute. The :/; become the n with the tilde 
over it. There are others. In kword, you can also use the <alt>+keypad 
sequences such as <alt>+0228 is an umlaut e. I tried the keypad method 
in konsole mode and it didn't work.

Switching is a little easier in Windows for me because pressing the left 
shift and alt key at the same time toggles the keyboard switch. I 
figure there is something similar for KDE but don't know what it is.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA


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