I have looked into and tried FreeBSD 6.0 Vinum and GEOM RAID in our PIII
SCSI 80-pin server with the help of several here on the list. I'm pretty
much going to use GEOM RAID-1 for the system disks using Ralf's doc. I
have room for 3 more disks. Would you recommend using Vinum RAID-5 on
three 73GB drives or using GEOM RAID-1 again on 2 147GB drives?

If there is no big reason to use either over the other, we've decided to
go for the most space and RAID-5. But the amount of space we would be
gaining is probably less than 50GB, correct?

Or do you have another solution on our $700 budget. It is a debate here
and would like to get experienced insight.

Thanks in advance for your time!

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