Barnaby Scott wrote:

The boot sequence all goes smoothly, telling me all sorts of things I never thought I'd need to know, and frankly don't understand, until it gets to the following line:

Configuring syscons: keymap blanktime screensaver.

and then stops! I have timed it - it stops for between 4 and 5 minutes every time.

Can this be normal? If not, what do I do? (Words of one syllable only please!)

Might be more good to check what goes *next*.

A thing oft seen is the M-T-A can't solve its
add.  Check the hosts file.


Or can I actually use multi-syllable words?  A
common "hangup" is Sendmail, which needs to er,
"find itself", and if the machine's IP isn't available
from DNS or the hosts file (/etc/hosts), or *perhaps*
if there's no/dumb hostname, it'll time out trying
to get resolution of the IP address....

So, what does console say *after* the 5 minute wait?
I've not watched a system boot for a while, having
configured the splash console....

Kevin Kinsey

I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.
                -- G. K. Chesterton

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