Dan Nelson wrote:

In the last episode (May 11), Ian Lord said:
Just a quick question, do you know a port that will do about the same
thing as filemon for windows ?

Basically, just a command line tool to list all access to disk showing

       1- File being access
       2- Success of failure
       3- Process accessing the file

"ktrace -di -p0 -ti" is the closest we have at the moment, but that
only logs the I/O actions themselves, not the syscalls generating the
I/O.  Removing the "-ti" flag will tell ktrace to log all I/O and all
syscall activity, which may be information overload.  If you're only
interested in a single process, take a look at the truss command. If/when the port of Solaris' dtrace is completed, it will be able to do
exactly what you want and more.

Not sure about requirement #2, but the lsof port does similar things and I think accomplishes requirements #1 and #3 according to what you want.
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