Kevin Kinsey wrote:
Barnaby Scott wrote:

The boot sequence all goes smoothly, telling me all sorts of things I never thought I'd need to know, and frankly don't understand, until it gets to the following line:

Configuring syscons: keymap blanktime screensaver.

and then stops! I have timed it - it stops for between 4 and 5 minutes every time.

Can this be normal? If not, what do I do? (Words of one syllable only please!)

Might be more good to check what goes *next*.

A thing oft seen is the M-T-A can't solve its
add.  Check the hosts file.


Or can I actually use multi-syllable words?  A
common "hangup" is Sendmail, which needs to er,
"find itself", and if the machine's IP isn't available
from DNS or the hosts file (/etc/hosts), or *perhaps*
if there's no/dumb hostname, it'll time out trying
to get resolution of the IP address....

So, what does console say *after* the 5 minute wait?
I've not watched a system boot for a while, having
configured the splash console....

Kevin Kinsey

Thanks for your reply. It didn't occur to me to look at the next line - I thought it must still be doing the Configuring syscons thing!

Anyway, the next line is:

Initial i386 initialization:.

Armed with this knowledge, I just found this post: (although I don't know where the rest of the thread went). However it doesn't leave me much the wiser! The hostname is mentioned earlier in the sequence, so presumably the OS is already aware of that, and as for DNS server, what DNS server?

Barnaby Scott

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