As a gesture of participation in this group and a FreeBSD user my self, I have had more track record with Photoshop and Quark Express on Mac. I also have two high resolution color laser printers. I can grab a logo off the web page and load it into photo shop, do a color separation and print a proof and submit it to some one with some sway in FreeBSD. But seriously, a good high resolution file can be rastorized and sent to a printer complete with text (rastorized in the image) and a printer can print it from the Rastorized file on a laser printer.
It doesn't need to be done 4 color offset.
I expressed some question of the new logo but consider that I am not technically advanced
enough to contribute things like patches, or BETA testing.
Another responder to my logo subject e_mail asked me since I represented my self as a graphic designer and fine artist why I didn't submit something to the contest. It didn't dawn on me at the time. But, now I am coming up with some design ideas that are in somewhat of a totally different direction and reflect what my personal preferences in a logo would be. That is too late in the game but I would like to work up some ideas that you can review and keep on a shelf if they are interesting enough. I have just finally got my web site back on the 'air'. But I don't want to exploit the list for the sake of self promotion. Direct responses to me via e-mail and positive inquiries as to how and to whom I can submit some hard copy sketches and preliminary proofs. I can't reproduce volumes of copies on large format lazer without charging something. It costs over $900.00 to replace the toner on this machine and $700 some odd to replace it on my 8.5 X 11 printer. I am a glorified hobbyist. I make virtually no money so far in spite of spending the last 10 years trying to learn how to use computers and software, doing javascript, php, mysql, various other scripting languages to get up a decent enough web site. This is why I like open source, I have even drifted away from the expense of keeping up with Mac hardware and software. I have Yellow Dog Linux running on my older Macs. I can understand the frustration that volunteers must feel that assume responsibility for a commendable project like FreeBSD. So in conclusion, instead of griping about the logo, I will offer what I can contribute. You wouldn't mind if I posted my own logo ideas for Free BSD on my web site? I will give out the domain name to direct e-mail response. My site is served over an ADSL connection and hasn't been stress tested. And it won't be for a
few weeks before I get a presentation posted.
Thanks for being here;
Jeff Killen (in Los Angeles)

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