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> I'm not sure on the etiquette of reposting, however, this post is now 23 
> pages down my screen, so I doubt anyone would see the original. This 
> possibly means no-one knows, but if that is the case, would anyone be 
> able to point me in the right direction for people that possibly do?

It could also mean that some know but think you should check the archive
to see that similar questions were asked several times in the last days.

> I've got an RTL8180 that I have compiled a module for using ndisgen. The
> first time I installed FreeBSD, this worked fine, with exactly the same
> version of the driver, and I was able to use it, however, the computer
> power ran out during a portupgrade, rendering /usr unuseable. Now that I
> have reinstalled FreeBSD from scratch (wiping the partition and
> reinstalling from the same FreeBSD6.0-RELEASE cds), I have recompiled
> the module using ndisgen again, and kldload rtl8180_sys loads the module
> (with ndis and if_ndis loaded), without any errors output. An ifconfig
> shows ndis0, including the correct MAC Address.
> Now, when I try to set the ssid with ifconfig ndis0 ssid wingot (the
> name of my home network), and then run another ifconfig, ndis0 still has
> an SSID of only "". I have also reinstalled the system another time
> since, and the same issue is occuring.

IIRC you only see the SSID with ifconfig if the NIC is up.
Sometimes it helps to set the SSID together with the
BSSID. Search the archive for more suggestions.


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