Barnaby Scott wrote:
Parv wrote:
and then stops! I have timed it - it stops for between 4 and 5
minutes every time.

Does your screen goes blank just after the above message?  If so,
press [Enter] key, you should see the boot being continued, and
"login:" waiting for input at the end.

No the screen still has all the previous clutter on it, and pressing [Enter] just makes a new line

Hmm, it might not be Sendmail, then, though I can't count it out.
It might be worth the time it takes to reboot and pick the "verbose"
option.  Perhaps you can get more information then.  What about "safe
mode"?  Does it boot "quickly"?

What does /etc/rc.conf contain?  Does /var/run/dmesg.boot have any
ominous-looking warning, etc.?

Kevin Kinsey

My cup hath runneth'd over with love.

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