"Derrick Ryalls" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am having issues getting correct permissions set for files in a
> common area on a web/file server.  I have webroot shared out via samba
> and under there I have an auto-thumbnail generation script that
> creates thumbnails in somefolder/.cache where somefolder is a newly
> created folder.  Example:
> autothumbs\
>          mypics1\
>                image.jpg
>                .cache
>                         image_thumb.jpg
>          mypics2\
>               .cache
> ...
> What needs to happen is when a new folder is created under this
> autothumb tree, the permissions need to be set correctly so that the
> .cache folder can be automatically generated by the thumbnail process.
> I have the main folder listed as root:wheel 777 but when new folders
> are created they have user:wheel 755 permissions and the thumbnail
> script fails as it cannot write to the location.
> Is there something I am missing to get this setup properly?  I know a
> workaround is the manually change the permissions of the folder when
> it is created, but since my wife will be wanting to add pictures, that
> isn't an option for her (very non-techy).  The machine in question a
> 5.4-Stable box.
> Any suggestions on what I need to do?

There are a lot of ways to do this, but the one I would recommend is
to change the main folder to be owned by a group that you, your wife,
and the uid running the thumbnail script all are members of --
probably by creating a new group for the purpose.  Then if you set
your wife's umask to 002, directories she creates will be available to
you and any other members of the group.
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