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> So why the fuck do things get more difficult ?

"WTF" is not going to solve your problem; RTFM will.

> If anyone can prove to me that "csh" is superior in any respect
> to bash,

No need to bash csh.

> RTFM has become a bad joke.

Some of us see RTFM as an obsolute low-point in the setup of their system.
To them, RTFM is for losers, and they will resort to all other means first,
the often lengthy detour despite, if only it will keep them from RTFM. These
people reason, "If any additional reading is required, beyond what I already
know, or think I know, it must be
a design-flaw."

And then I recall this:

    "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

This aphorism is attributed to Derek Bok, the former President of Harvard.
It seems destined for a long career.

- Mark

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