Chuck Swiger wrote:

OK, I agree that this doesn't sound like a hardware problem with the drive now that you've tested it, but it was at least worth looking at.

Ok, thanks for pointing it out, anyway :)

Just to clarify: running "fsck /" (read-only) in multiuser mode takes less than a minute. fsck at boot takes approx. 50 times that long!

...and yes, that difference is not reasonable. Are you using bgfsk or not...?

Hm, what do you mean?
I'd gladly let my system fsck in background after boot, but it won't do that on a root partition, as mentioned somewhere else on this thread. However, apart from that, I've set everything up according to this wish of mine (i.e. I enabled softupdates and I did not put background_fsck="NO" in my /etc/rc.conf).

 bye & Thanks
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