I run sshd and ftpd on my laptop.  I generally start them via:
in my rc.conf.

What are the pros/cons of running them via inetd?

This is in no way a high load or production machine.  Just my laptop
that I need access to from time to time.

The one pro I have noticed (which is rather important to me) is that
ftpd does not heed hosts.allow directives when NOT run via inetd.  Am I
correct in this? I prefer to use tcpwrappers to further protect my sshd and ftpd. I generally keep ftpd firewalled off from the world and when someone needs to (anonymous) ftp something to me I open the firewall. But it would be nice to allow only their IP using hosts.allow (as I just enable/disable a generic ruleset in ipfw). So should I forget to disable the ruleset in ipfw then I am not open all day till I reboot.


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