I've got a few 6.0-RELEASE machines I want to bring up to date.  I want to use 
etcmerge because mergemaster scares the bejesus out of me.

I can create a copy of the standard 6.0-REL /etc using mergemaster, and 
copying /var/tmp/temproot/src to /var/db/src, that's no problem

But I notice /usr/src/UPDATING contains the following:

    The 'audit' group was added to support the new auditing functionality
    in the base system.  Be sure to follow the directions for updating,
    including the requirement to run mergemaster -p.

So I figure after rebooting into single user mode and installing the new 
world, I have to take an extra step?  I never figured out how to deal with 
the binary password db with etc merge, and I can't see anything in the man 

I hope someone can clear it up.  I assume etcmerge is widely used, but it's 
not been updated (significantly) for so long I'm not sure.  (Personally I 
think it should be in the  base system!)


"If you do it the stupid way, you will have to do it again"
  - Gregory Chudnovsky
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