At 16:50 12.05.2006, Martin McCormick wrote:
        This looks like something sed should be able to do, but I
haven't had any luck at all.  I wanted to remove any whitespace
that has accidentally gotten added to the beginning or end of
some lines of text.  I made a test file that looks like:

left justified.
                                               lots of spaces.

and the best I have done so far is to get rid of about 3 spaces.

Attempt 1.

#! /usr/bin/sed -f
s/ \+//g
s/^ //g
s/ $//g

        This looks like it should do the job, but the leading and
trailing spaces are still mostly there.

        I wrote another script.  Attempt 2.

#! /bin/sh

sed 's/^[[:space:]]//g' \
|sed 's/[[:space:]]$//g'

        If I cat the test file through this script, it also
removes one or two spaces, but not all the leading and trailing
whitespace I put there.  I can write a program in C to do this,
but is there a sed script or other native application in FreeBSD that
can do this?

        Thank you.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK
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What's up man?

Here's a script I use to remove trailing whitespace.

It also reduces two or more empty lines like this:



To just one:



And it converts ASCII files to UNIX format (that is without ^M).

Then for pretty sake, it adds an empty line to the end of each file.


#   Remove CRLF, trailing whitespace and double lining.
#   $MERHABA:,v 1.0 2007/11/11 15:09:05 kyrre Exp $

for file in `find -s . -type f`; do

        if file -b $file | grep -q 'text'; then

                echo >> $file

tr -d '\r' < $file | cat -s | sed -E -e 's/[[:space:]]+$//' > $file.tmp

                mv -f $file.tmp $file

                echo "$file: Done"




I'd be interested in knowing if you manage to improve this script.

Take care,

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