Brian Astill wrote:
Scott Mitchell wrote:

Hi all,

I've just spent a fun day upgrading ~180 ports that were about a year out
of date, which will teach me not to be so lazy in future :-(  Anyway,
portupgrade coped with most of this mess admirably, except for
(unsurprisingly) the KDE2 --> KDE3 upgrade.

That upgrade is a doozie. Been there, done that!
rm -fr qt2 is (I think) the correct thing to do (someone else on the list will correct me).
Then port kde3.

qt2 and qt3 will NOT live comfortably together. So delete qt2 and all the apps dependent on it (that includes kde2 and its apps).
The kde3 port will look for the version of qt it needs, fail to find it, and fetch it for you. Ain't that nice?

it would probably make sense to subscribe to the kde-freebsd list. I have learned a lot from just lurking and they work hard to make sure KDE stays up to date.

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