√ėyvind Skaar wrote:
The drive in question is a Maxtor 6B200M0.

These were Maxtor 6Y080M0 and 6Y160MO drives. Running under onboard SATA or Highpoint Rocket Raid cards
The Maxtor drives were problematic for us from the start, and not even heavy enough to make good door stops.

So your no big Maxtor fan then? :)

The platters make great clocks, and the drives do a great job of keeping the packing material from shifting around during shipment ;^)

Do you think the drives had compatibility problems with the controller(s)? Or maybe a driver issue? Kind of hard to believe that so many drives are just faulty..

At first we suspected controller issues but the same controller and OS has no problems with Seagate drives. I had googled the errors and came up with some possible issues with the drivers/kernel, upgrades to the OS did not solve the problems.

I suspect that while SATA technology might be good, most SATA drives being manufactured are more suited to home users and gamers as "gee whiz I have SATA drives!" products. When confronted with a heavily loaded mail server they simply are not up to the task.

Future servers have been ordered with SCSI drives using Adaptec cards or Perc onboard controllers. No further incidents. I have one other server going online with SATA, but it is an old Dell purchased dirt cheap with IBM SATA drives running gmirror. Load testing showed now problems after running several days. If it dies I'll put in a SCSI card and real HDDs.

Btw, I used this drive with 5.4 release (It think) on another controller, but It was one of those cheap Sil controllers, and I got the usual* problems.

Anyone know what these checks refer to?
ad4:  Maxtor 6B200M0 BANC1B70
ad4: 398297088 sectors [395136C/16H/63S] 16 sectors/intrupts 1 depth queue
ad4:  Promise check1 failed
ad4:  Adaptec check1 failed
ad4:  LSI (v3) check1 failed
ad4:  LSI (v2) check1 failed
ad4:  FreeBSD check1 failed
GEOM: new disk ad4

Never seen it, but it sticks in my mind that disabling ACPI will help. Not sure where I read that. Try googling the error.


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