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From: Jeff Rollin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 12-May-2006 18:43
Subject: Re: hello
To: justin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Hi Justin

Everything runs ok and it seems like the module is installed.
There is only one problem, in the httpd.conf there is a LoadModule
php5_module refering to libexec/apache/libphp5.so.

The library libphp5.so is not made by the install and so my appache will
not start with the php5 enabled.

Is there any "libphp" file in libexec/apache? If so, have you tried making a
link to it?

ln -s libexec/apache/yourlibphpfile  libexec/apache/libphp5.so



P.S. In future, you can help everyone concerned by putting a "real" subject
in the subject line (something related to your problem, e.g. "installing
libphp" would do in this instance).


Argument against Linux number 6,033:

"...So this is like most Linux viruses. You have to download the virus
yourself, become root, install it and then run it. Seems like a lot of work
just to experience what you can get on Windows with a lot less trouble."
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