Jonathan Horne wrote:
>> I `ve got a question about installing the php5 module.
>> I`m installing it from the /usr/ports/www/php5-session port.
>> Everything runs ok and it seems like the module is installed.
>> There is only one problem, in the httpd.conf there is a LoadModule
>> php5_module refering to libexec/apache/
>> The library is not made by the install and so my appache will
>> not start with the php5 enabled.
>> What is wrong and what can i do to let the install make the
>> Ok thanks in advance,
>> Justin.
> i was having the same issue yesterday.  take a look at the
> /usr/ports/lang/php5/Makefile.  this was where my problem was, and tho i
> didnt use the www/php5-session, i would make a bet that if you begin from
> there with  no php5 installed at all, then it backs up and begins from
> lang/php5, and then moves on from there.
> the problem with my lang/php5/Makefile was, that this line was not
> included (totally not there... not even there and commented out):
> WITH_APACHE=    yes
> once i added it, did a pkg_delete -r php5-5.1.4 (-r = recurse all
> dependencies against this package), and started over, the lib file
> compiled on the next attempt.
> the port for php5-5.1.2 included that line, and therefor the lib file
> compiled by default previously.  im not sure if the omission of
> "WITH_APACHE=    yes" was by intention or not, but ill have to be sure to
> check it for near future installs.

The canonical way to do this is by typing 'make config' in the lang/php5
port, and making sure the 'Apache' checkbox is checked.  Then reinstall
php5. This will create a supplementary makefile under /var/db/ports/ which
will set various options according to your desires, and which will persist
across ports updates and so forth.  It is, however, a bit of a bug in the
whole options processing thing that if the list of available options changes,
you aren't prompted to redo the configuration step when you go to update
the port.



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