Thanks for the input, Eric and Kevin! I guess I'll start the process this evening and
maybe everything will be through compiling by Monday in time for work! :)

Thanks again!

I've got the process in 2 scripts, and a brief evening is generally
all that's required for the cvsup/buildworld and friends.  Buildworld
is two hours plus, IIRC, on my 1.7924 GHz desktop; buildkernel about
35 minutes on GENERIC, installkernel 1 minute.  Since installworld is
after the break/reboot, I don't know the exact time.  It appears the
last cycle was about 4 hours total, judging from the email timestamps,
but that's with (probably), me working in X in the background, a pause
between finishing kernel build and the reboot, etc.

Now, "portupgrade -arR", OTOH, is a two-day+ to-do, at least
if you only do it every 50-60 days or so.  But that's a whole
'nother thread....

Kevin Kinsey

Parallel lines never meet, unless you bend one or both of them.
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