Hi Graham,

Not sure about the first part, but the device is called a radiometer. 



Graham Bentley said:
> Is there a way to create a hdd resore solution with 
> set of boot floppies that will support my tape drive
> access the tape and restore the entire hard disc in
> case of disc failure disaster ? ie So I could install 
> a new disc and be up and running without doing any
> additional admin? I guess like a 'ghost' for scsi tape ?
> Any advice / links etc apperciated.
> Also ....
> Description: Glass bulb, similar to light bulb but with 
> narrow end flared at bootom so it standsup. Inside, 
> a rotating wire device that has 4 squares of card like 
> material attached, like vanes. 
> One one side they are black on the other they are white. 
> When the sun shines brightly enough, the white side reflects 
> the light energy and the black side absorbs it. The vanes 
> spin around. 
> This does exist and has a name and I know there are 
> some very knowledgeable people on this list who will 
> know.
> Whats it called..... please !!!
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