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Leo Lapousterle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello :)
> I'm fed up with FTP servers : FTP is great, but I need some admin stuff
> like privileges (one user can upload but not download, for example)
> unavailable for FTP... at least for those I've tested.
> Is there an alternative way for FTP, allowing individual privileges?
> I found hxd (hotline protocol, I used it 7 years ago!), it's very powerful
> but quite discontinued...
> Anybody has another idea? :)
> Thanks!

Have you looked at SFTP? It's a "subsystem" that operates over
an SSH connection. Whilst it requires that a user be able to
login over SSH to the server, you can use filesystem
permissions (and indeed other system facilities) to enforce
things like being able to upload / download on a fairly
granular (e.g.: directory-level) basis.

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> Léo

Hope this helps!
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