Nick Withers wrote:

On Fri, 12 May 2006 21:51:02 -0700 (PDT)
Mark Jayson Alvarez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


It was my second time to download a 6.1 iso from one
of the regional ftp sites.. Lucky we have a slightly
fast connection (155Mbps)...

Slightly fast? What do you call fast? :-)

By the way, is it really dangerous to ignore these checksums
that doesn't match with the published one? What's the reason
behind this bad checksum mismatch??.

It generally indicates that the file was corrupted during
transmission. It could, however, happen because the site you're
downloading from is serving a corrupt version.

A checksum mismatch basically indicates that the file is not as
it should be. You may still be able to use it without any
adverse impact, but then again, you may not. It's also possible
that someone has intentionally corrupted the file for sinister

I'd strongly recommend not using it. It's probably worth trying
to download the file again, from another mirror.


From what I read about the checksums for 6.1, the checksum was generated with a checksum actually being present in the ISO (which was then overwritten by the newly developed checksum). As such, the checksum will never match, as a checksum can never match if it is included in the file that is being checksummed (well, in theory, it is possible for it to match, but the algorithm to calculate it and processing power required is astronomically complex).

It is possible I am thinking of a different FreeBSD ISO, but I am sure it was one of the 6's, and there are only 2 of those.

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