Graham Bentley wrote:

>Can anyone post some good pointers for setting
>up ACPI or APM so that I get automatic susepend
>afer x mins of inactivity and woken up on LAN
>request ?
>(in particular shut down disc / slow or shut
>down psu fan - its the noise I am concerned
>I have looked at posts on rc.suspend/resume
>for various power saving issues on laptops
>but cant find and good resources on how to
>do the above. Surely this must have been
>done before by someone with a remote server
>in a secret location :)
>Thanks in advance for any advice :)
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Wake on LAN is a feature that you will have to enable in your BIOS, if
it is available. It could not be affected by ACPI/APM (or any other
Operating System feature) once the computer is no longer powered up. In
regards to what you need to suspend after x mins, I am unsure.


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