On 12 May fbsd wrote:

> How is a normal port user suppose to know to do make config  to set
> options first?

Anybody using the ports tree KNOWS or *should* know he/she has to read
/usr/ports/UPDATING before using it.
In that file it is very clearly stated you should do a "make config" in
lang/php4/php5 due to recent changes!

> This should just pop up in persons face on make install.

It does when running for the first time; it also does after you've
deleted /var/db/ports/<portname>

Lat but not least: using ports implicates you are running a *complete*
and up2date portsystem (as you can verify on the freebsd website).
Obviously you're not willing to do so; hence stop complaining about
things you are doing onto yourself!

If not, people might think you are just trolling.

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