Adrian Pavone <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> From what I read about the checksums for 6.1, the checksum was 
> generated with a checksum actually being present in the ISO (which was 
> then overwritten by the newly developed checksum). As such, the checksum 
> will never match, as a checksum can never match if it is included in the 
> file that is being checksummed (well, in theory, it is possible for it 
> to match, but the algorithm to calculate it and processing power 
> required is astronomically complex).
> It is possible I am thinking of a different FreeBSD ISO, but I am sure 
> it was one of the 6's, and there are only 2 of those.

6.1 does match the checksum.  

If yours doesn't, it isn't correct.
The most common cause of this is downloading in (FTP) "ASCII" mode,
which will corrupt the file.
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