>you are attempting to destroy the new logo's image by imaturely
>calling it a "sex toy" and in turn are slowly taking away from those
>precious dollars put into aquiring it.

I'm sorry to say, but it was a bad choice.
The little devil has been with us for a long time. Apple has an apple,
Windows has a window, Linux has a penguin, we have an abstract red
thing no one can describe. When they do, they say things like "tits"
or "sex toy". It is too abstract. You want a logo people can easily
- Well, I use the FreeBSD oerating system.
- I've heard of it...Is it the one with the little red devil?
- Yeah, that's the one
Don't call people immature because they have a different opinion. I
doubt the new logo would last an hour in a advertising firm's
brainstorming session. I really hope the rationale wasn't something
like evangelical christians having problem with "the little red
And don't say people are being destructive when they simply are
questioning what some, like me, seem to think was a wrong "branding"
strategy, if you will (although some will not articulate it like
that). Were it not important, we would have white simple HTML pages on
www.freebsd.org. Granted, it's not terribly important, but like any
thing that's out there, people will comment. This being a free
project, people feel entitled to comment on the project's list.
Rightly so.

My 2 cents,

Henry Lenzi
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