Marwan Sultan wrote:
Hello everyone,

After years of using freebsd i decided this time to make upgrades insted of fresh install,
  I'm on 6.0-Release and decided to upgrade to 6.1-R

  I did whats excatly on
  after comparing it to

  The upgrade steps went sucssuflly without an issue or an error,

  After the upgrades Done, and reboot, i checked the version by uname -a
 it was still showing 6.0Release ? isnt suppoze to be 6.1-Release ?

$ uname -a
FreeBSD Host_Here 6.0-RELEASE-p7 FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE-p7 #0: Sat May 13 11:34:05 UTC 2006 Host_Here:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC i386

 did I do anything wrong?

Looks like it.

 Is there any missing step?

Yes, if the below is all you did.  Remember that
a OS is a kernel and a "userland" or accompanying
software that the system uses to interact with
the kernel.

 Please note that I didnot have any custom kernel and i did
# make buildkernel
# make installkernel
 without KERNCONF=MYKERNEL variable? correct?

Any Advise?
how to make it 6.1-Release.

See the handbook and Do the Right Thing(TM) ;-)

You must:

1.  Fetch the new sources, usually via cvsup.
2.  Read /usr/src/UPDATING.
3.  If needed, run "mergemaser -p"
4.  Build a new "world" (all userland programs, libs, utils).
5.  Configure your kernel, if desired.
6.  Build a new kernel.
7.  Install the new kernel.
8.  Reboot, preferably in single user mode.
9.  Install the world.
10.  Run 'mergemaster' to update /etc.

I run two scripts that handle everything except 'mergemaster'
and the reading of UPDATING (which, :o, I read often after
the world fails to build instead of before...)  But, since
I'm still working and simply checking me mail periodically,
it's no big deal to me, personally.  I've attached them for
reference --- if you choose to use them, it's at your own
risk, of course.  But you could easily adapt them and test
them and use them yourself if you know sh scripting at all.

Now, if you did indeed follow the correct procedure, I'd
check your supfile first, because you may have fetch the
wrong source code....

Kevin Kinsey

#  By Kevin Kinsey.  See /COPYRIGHT for details on the
#  BSD license, incorporated herein by reference.

# Variables.  Change to match your setup, paths, etc.



#Get to proper wd
   cd /usr/src

# CVSup the source tree
   /usr/local/bin/cvsup $SUPFILE > $LOGFILE 2>&1

#report the activity
   /bin/echo "$HOSTNAME cvsup script reporting" > /tmp/buildlogfoo
   /bin/echo " " >> /tmp/buildlogfoo
   tail $CVSUPLOGFILE >> /tmp/buildlogfoo
   /bin/cat /tmp/buildlogfoo | /usr/bin/mail -s "Server Report $HOST CVSup" 

# clean up
   /bin/rm /tmp/buildlogfoo

# STEP 2: buildworld
   /usr/bin/make buildworld > $WORLDLOGFILE 2>&1

# report
   /bin/echo "$HOST buildworld script reporting" > /tmp/buildlogfoo
   /bin/echo " " >> /tmp/buildlogfoo
   tail $WORLDLOGFILE >> /tmp/buildlogfoo
   /bin/cat /tmp/buildlogfoo | /usr/bin/mail -s "Server Report $HOST 
Buildworld" $MAILTO
   /bin/rm /tmp/buildlogfoo

# This section is modified for my personal setup/preferences and should
# be omitted or changed for your needs.

# Set up kernel options for Firewall, Nat, Dummynet
#   /bin/echo " " >> $KERNCONF
#   /bin/echo "# added by /home/me/scripts/ " >> $KERNCONF
#   /bin/echo " " >> $KERNCONF
#   /bin/echo "options   IPFIREWALL" >> $KERNCONF
#   /bin/echo "options   IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE_LIMIT=10" >> $KERNCONF
#   /bin/echo "options   IPDIVERT" >> $KERNCONF
#   /bin/echo "options   DUMMYNET" >> $KERNCONF
#   /bin/echo "options   HZ=1000" >> $KERNCONF
#   /bin/echo " " >> $KERNCONF
# Build the kernel
   /usr/bin/make buildkernel > $KERNELLOGFILE 2>&1
   tail $KERNELLOGFILE > /tmp/kernelfoobuild
   /bin/cat $KERNELMESSAGE /tmp/kernelfoobuild | /usr/bin/mail -s "$HOST Kernel 
Build Report" $MAILTO
   /bin/rm /tmp/kernelfoobuild 

# Install the new kernel
   /usr/bin/make installkernel > $KERNELINSTLOG 2>&1
   /bin/echo "Kernel installation report - $HOST " >> /tmp/kernelinstallfoo
   /bin/cat /tmp/kernelinstallfoo $KERNELINSTLOG | /usr/bin/mail -s "$HOST 
kernel install report" $MAILTO
   /bin/rm /tmp/kernelinstallfoo 
#! /bin/sh

# By Kevin Kinsey.  See ./COPYRIGHT for the BSD license,
# incorporated herein by reference.


# Finish up the process by installing the world built in
   cd /usr/src
   /usr/bin/make installworld > $LOGFILE 2>&1
   /bin/echo "$HOST reporting on World Install" > /tmp/worldinstallfoo
   /bin/echo " " >> /tmp/worldinstallfoo
   /usr/bin/tail $LOGFILE >> /tmp/worldinstallfoo
   /bin/cat /tmp/worldinstallfoo | mail -s "$HOST Script Report: Install World" 
   /bin/rm /tmp/worldinstallfoo
$HOST successfully built
a GENERIC kernel plus Firewall,
Divert and Dummynet options.

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