Barnaby Scott wrote:
Many thanks to all who have helped me on this one - I won't post a message in response to every suggestion, but they have all helped - thank you!

It turns out it was sendmail causing the delay, so now my /etc/rc.comf reads:


(Someone asked what was in this file). The last line that I have just added does cure the problem. But... does not cure the problem for me if I decide that I do want sendmail! I could cross that bridge when I come to it, but I would prefer to gain some insight here if anyone can bear any more on this topic.

Adding    frankbruno
to /etc/hosts did not cure the problem. Could that be because the lookup that causes the delay is a reverse one? If so, it would be trying to find a name for (I think that's the one I have been getting recently) which is still not in hosts.

I would rather not mess with the IP allocation if possible - having it automatic is much more useful and means I cannot create condradictory records in different places.

Looking in /var/run/dmesg.boot turned up nothing obvious to me at least, booting in Safe Mode made no difference, and verbose logging turned up nothing.

However, I did discover a tip posted a couple of years ago, and that was to press ^T when the boot stalled. God knows what this does, but it turned up the following response:

load: 0.85 cmd:sendmail 454 [kqread] 0.00u 0.01s 0% 1912k

I thinks that answers all the things that were suggested - can anyone see a way of reinstating sendmail without the stalled boot process, and without having to reserve specific IP addresses for each computer?

Barnaby Scott

Prequel:  I know nothing about dhclient/DHCP interfaces other
than if I want one, I can put "ifconfig foo1="DHCP" in rc.conf.

If you can figure out what your address is post-booting, you
should be able to create a simple wrapper script and run it from
cron via the "@reboot" tag.

   sleep(5 min);
   write "" >> /etc/hosts
   sh /etc/rc.d/sendmail start

But, I'd strongly advise you to use a static IP if your
host needs to be an MTA.  Otherwise, configure your MUA's
to use a real MTA (which have static IP's, DNS, etc., etc.).

Kevin Kinsey

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