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Yes, the Nintendo kind. It seems more than capable, technologically,
of supporting a REAL OS such as FreeBSD, something beyond its standard
EPROM startup screen, to me. Is that a supported architecture? And if
not, is NetBSD free or open source?

There is (definitely) a port of Linux to the NDS, and possibly one of
NetBSD. I don't think a port of FreeBSD to the platform is on the cards,
though perhaps one of the devs can correct me on this?

The Linux port appears to be at an early stage; I don't know the status of
the NetBSD port. However, iirc the NDS is pretty new, so I wouldn't expect
to be able to run Opera on it just yet.

AFAIK, all BSDs (or at least all the ones you would probably be interested
in) are open source software.

A google search on "Linux Nintendo DS" or a question posted to the netbsd
mailing lists (on the site I posted in my early email) will be more fruitful
than more questions on this list, I suspect.

Good luck with it!

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