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On 5/13/06, Ted Mittelstaedt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>>Your missing something - "they" didn't ask all us users if we wanted
>>a new logo or not. 

>I wasn't aware they had to (?).

I wasn't aware we had to praise and thank them for something
we didn't want.

>my statement meant that I hoped the Project isn't swayed out of
>using the logo because of childish posts such as these.

They put the new logo in over lots of objections so I doubt
that childish posts will make any difference.

> I would love to hear how this,
> among your *many* other posts, has contributed to this list. 

Sure, as soon as you say how your post chastising the people that
think the new logo looks like a sex toy has made a contribution to
the list.

>>The community doesen't want the new logo and the majority of the
>>prefers Beastie over the sex-toy.

>You speak for the community? 

The community has already spoken, go back and look at all the
posts on this and the other lists on the logo, the majority of
them don't like it.

You probably should have done this research before posting.

>Agreed, and this will be my last post on the subject

Good, we don't need more posting on this topic from
people who haven't bothered to read the overwhelming posts
against the new logo.

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