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I really hope the rationale wasn't something
like evangelical christians having problem with "the little red

It was, I am sorry to say.  The core developer that pushed for all
this said he was tired of when presenting FreeBSD to have to field
a bunch of questions by people hung up over the devil image, it
distracted from the presentation of the operating system's features.


That's ironic to me because what I perceive with the 3d glass look is that the
devil image has been given a seriousness whereas Beastie said cute and

I have to admit, when I first saw the new logo, it kinda lost me as to why we were changing from something 'cute' to something 'sterile' :( To me, Beastie will always == FreeBSD, and even though there is a new "Official Logo", I'll stick with proudly displaying Beastie on my web site *shrug*

Beastie will only ever die if ppl stop displaying him ...

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