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Subject: Is there a daemon/program for FreeBSD that accepts Microsoft
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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to convince my boss to let me set up a FreeBSD system as file server. He said he would allow it if he could use Microsoft's RDP client (not VNC or SSH :( ) to connect and monitor the machine at his whim. Are there any daemons that will take incoming RDP connections?

Hell-lo!  Clue phone ringing!

Your boss doesen't want you to use any other solution than Windows,
get the picture?  If such a thing as an RDP<->XWindows conversion
daemon existed, your boss would find some other nit picky thing
that he would hold up as a deal-breaker.  Then if that was fixed
he would find some other thing.  And on and on and on.

What you need to do is recognize that the place your working at
is hopelessly borked as long as your boss is working there, and
just keep your head down and look for a better job somewhere else.

If you put the same effort looking for a better place to work
as your putting into trying to convince your boss to do something
he's simply afraid of doing, you would surely find one.

People like your boss are only convinced by evolutionary changes.
What will happen one of these days is a problem will come up that
cannot be fixed by the old Microsoft standbys, and your boss will
be fired for incompetence.  Then when he goes to find another job
everyone will be asking him if he has any Linux experience, and at
that time he will suddenly start thinking it might be a good idea
to start looking into this yoo-niks thing.

No solution for the RDP protocol exists on Unix as its a proprietary protocol that I think would be difficult to implement given X11's setup on Unix. However, there's also the NoMachine NX server/client protocol to look into, which is hailed as a Unix counterpart for RDP. See <http://www.nomachine.com/> for a licensed version and <http://freenx.berlios.de/> for a GNU opensource version. So if you really want to sell your boss on remote access with FreeBSD, I would look into this solution.
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