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Microsoft RDP connections?

However, there's also the NoMachine NX server/client protocol to look into, which is hailed as a Unix counterpart for RDP. See <> for a licensed version and <> for a GNU opensource version. So if you really want to sell your boss on remote access with FreeBSD, I would look into this solution.

The point was that no matter what he tells his boss, he will get it
shot down.

But he can certainly try.

Usually what happens with these kinds of discussions is someone
will post something similar to what our original poster said, everyone
will replay with lots of well-meaning suggestions, the OP will then
get lit up and go back to his boss or whoever is being obstructive,
and get shot down again.  And most times we never hear from the OP
again with a followup.

True... I was just offering a suggestion, just in case. I figured that if the boss doesn't like Unix (which it seems he probably doesn't) though-like you said, so he won't support this.
I didn't really look into the technical details behind NoMachineNX until now, but if anyone considers writing a plugin for RDP to work with NoMachineNX, they might as well write a separate server daemon for RDP since it would be more fruitful timewise to do that. Considering that the NoMachineNX protocol is so intertwined with X11 and SSH (I stress the later as opposed to the former), the minuses to writing a plugin to allow a Windows RDP client to connect to a plugin enabled NoMachineNX server are that maintaining a connection would require an SSH tunnel to be running with the proper port(s) being forwarded to the server, and that would lead to unnecessary encryption to between the client <-> server since Windows RDP has built in encryption to prevent data from being sent clear-text across a network (whereas straight VNC or non-forwarded-via-SSH X11 does not). Given the fact that an SSH connection would have to be open would eliminate the Windows crowd that "Just Likes Stuff to Work on Command With Minimal Effort", and the solution would be slower and more CPU intensive, which would make such a scheme less feasible in a corporate environment since the move from a Windows to a Unix solution is usually to make things run more stable and have the solution run much longer than it would in a Windows environment. Just a semi-technical discussion of the original topic for anyone else that may consider porting Windows RDP to NoMachineNX to convince others to choose an alternate path, just to save time.
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