I have istalled mpd4 Version 4.0b4 on FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE.
I have mpd.conf, mpd.link, mpd.secret.
When I run a mpd4, the next is printed:

Multi-link PPP for FreeBSD, by Archie L. Cobbs.
Based on iij-ppp, by Toshiharu OHNO.
mpd: pid 1773, version 4.0b4 ([EMAIL PROTECTED] 13:49 14-May-2006)
[ukrtelecom] ppp node is "mpd1773-ukrtelecom"
tcpmss node is "mpd1773-mss"
[ukrtelecom] using interface ng0

Then there is neither prompt nor responce. Terminal is echoing input and 
nothing more. Only Control-C works properly.

Configuration files is attached but they are not the problem. mpd4 works in the 
same manner when there is no mpd.conf at all.

I am using MPD version 3.18 now with the same configuration files except for 
one line (set bundle authname - for mpd 3 instead of set auth authname - for 
mpd 4).
But I have problems with PPPoE. Phys layer wants to be opened only if I have 
used ppp to establish PPPoE before.
I didn't know what does it mean and decided to try mpd4.

Elisej Babenko
# mpd.conf
# Elisej Babenko

        new ukrtelecom dsl
        set auth authname "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
        set iface route default
# mpd.links
# Elisej Babenko

        set link type pppoe
        set pppoe iface rl0
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