For completeness sakes of the archives my solution
to put the following in the /boot/loader.conf
it's the only way these machines will boot with
FreeBSD given their Serverworks chipsets. 


If the previous is ommited after install (after the
CDROM is removed, we used a USB CDROM to load them
right on the racks) we'd get "Fatal Trap 12"

Previous exchange:

Curiosity question
All these blades have Serverworks chipset in them..
DO you recall if your gateways had that same chipset??

I am going to try when next i get a chance(at the
loader prompt):
set hw.hasbrokenint12=1
set hw.ata.ata_dma=0 

because thsi exchange in the archives leads me to
believe it's a chipset specific problem:


On these blades i am trying to install fr a USB CD
drive as the only options in the BiOS is boot fr USB
Floppy, USB CD, internal HD..

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