Edwin Groothuis wrote:
On Sat, May 13, 2006 at 08:49:51PM -0400, Frank Laszlo wrote:
under a given measure ( to be decided again by stats )
said port is moved to a secondary port group.
Eww, sounds like a good definition of spyware, I could go without people knowing exactly what I install and when.

I for one wouldn't mind supporting this project.
Good for you..

You for one would mind.
Yes. Myself and several others I have spoke with.
You can't make everybody happy. And the immediately shouting of the
equivalent of the word "Nazi" doesn't help neither.
I know that you cannot make everyone happy, The OP was asking for opinions on the matter, I gave my opinion. It was not my attention to call anyone a "Nazi" so do not put words in my mouth please.


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