Well, perhaps what you want is MJPEG, which is a packed file with each
frame being a JPEG image. Check the MJPEG Wikipedia article and if you
google for MJPEG you'll find an MJPEG howto on sourceforge.

Now, if I'm not mistaken, an MJPEG file or stream is just a MIME packed
stream of JPEG images with content type of multipart/x-mixed-replace.
If that is so, you could probably produce an MJPEG file simply by using
mpack, and the howtos you may find are for more complicated cases such
as converting and MJPEG stream to MPEG.

It may not work, but if you succeed in packing/unpacking MJPEG streams
with mpack, I would be interested in knowing it because I will be
decoding one such stream within a couple of monthes.

Miguel Ramos

Dom, 2006-05-14 às 13:07 +0200, Andreas Wideroe Andersen escreveu:
> Hi,
> I have a surveillance camera uploading numbered 
> still JPG images to my FreeBSD (4.7 STABLE) 
> server. The number of still images grow really 
> fast and I'm looking for a tool or a script that 
> I can configure through cron (or similare) to 
> automatically once per day add these files to a 
> movie file (Ie. avi file or mpg file in PAL) and delete the JPG files.
> Does anyone know of a script or a program that I can use for this?
> Thanks!
> Andreas
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