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New in 6.1 the port group decided to change the default which
activates the include of php4/5 for apache. I agrees this was a very
stupid thing to do as it now is causing all the apache/php users to
change the way they have installed php5 in the past. It's my
understanding that php4 & php5 packages can no longer be used to
install php for apache. You have to use the port version of php4 or
php5 and first do a "make config" and select the apache option and
then do "make install".

If you think it was stupid for the ports group to change the default
in 6.1 then post a email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and let them know how
you feel about this.

I don't believe that is stupid. In fact, freebsd's users should have
the capacity to think the first time and later not. I Now remember
that is make config in /usr/ports/lang/php4[5]. I will not forget

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