I'm having a few problems with mounting and then reading a w2k ntfs partition.  
Basically, everything works well when I go to mount, no errors.  I can 
navigate the tree, and copy files off onto the usr partition.

Problem occurs if I try to use an application ( Kmplayer, mplayer, konquerer, 
samba, pretty much anything  that just opens the file ) to read the file.  I 
*CAN* get things to work right if I either copy the file to the /usr 
partition, and open it from there, or after copying, open the file from the 
ntfs partition and things work fine.   The other problem that keeps occuring 
is that samba ( navigated off a winXP computer ) will only see the directory 
tree if I open a shell, ls -r the mount point, and then back to browser an 
look.  I still cannot copy a file off the ntfs partition through samba, only 
from the home share.

I know this almost sounds like a samba problem, but the variety of programs 
that are giving me problems ( even on the local machine ) leads me to believe 
something else is going wrong.  Any ideas ?
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