(yes...adding to the fire... oh well)

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"Ted Mittelstaedt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> this is really a great example of why this logo does nothing to help
> the FreeBSD project.

probably true.

>  What about the logo makes you think of an
> operating system?

well...what in a penguin makes you think of an Open Source derivative of Unix
which was started in Finland? Of all the reasons i've heard for not liking the
logo this is probably the thinnest one. 

I don't particularly like the logo - not because it, apparently, looks like a
sex-toy (come-ON! anything can be thought to look like 'something else' by
*someone* , so i wont even go there) , but because I think I think a much
better logo can be made, which reflects in some way BSD's history, or maybe not
- i don't care, Chuck is still the mascot and it's what I'll keep using until a
good logo comes about.And one that can be easily incorporated into b/w, lesser
colours prints, smaller sizes,etc.

And yes, Ted, i agree with you that this whole logo-finding-excercise seems a
waste of time due to most of the reasons you have explained (so many times).

>  And what about this cover is at all compelling to
> induce someone to pick up the magazine and buy it?

i dont see how this has anything to do with the log anyway... no need to 
flame left right and center...
( YES, having had the devil in the cover would have conveyed the idea of BSD to
more people for sure ... but in which other way than putting the logo out there
can it be made recognisable?)

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