[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Michael A. Koerber) writes:

> For FreeBSD 5.x through 6.1 (the limit of my experiance w/ FreeBSD) 
> FETCH'ing from behind our fire wall only works most of the time.  
> The problem, when it occurs, is at the end of the file transfer when
> fetch hangs forever (i.e., 30 minutes to 24+hours when I finally kill
> the process).  The site for which this always happens is
> ftp.belnet.be.
> I have tried
>   setting FTP_PASSAVE=YES
>   setting FTP_TIMEOUT=5
>   setting HTTP_TIMEOUT=5
> and none have worked...any ideas

Well, the first of those has two different spelling errors, but I'll
just assume you didn't cut-and-paste it.

If that one host is the only one that has problems, then don't use it;
I'm pretty sure everything that's there is available elsewhere too...
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