my terminal (bash) prompt is:

PS1='\e[0;31m\]\e[7m[\h - \u] [\w]\e[m\]\e[27m\n[\!]$ '

After upgrading to freebsd 6.1, the prompt looks different:
- it shows two smiles at both end of the first line and the red
background is white.

Does that happens to you too if you set the prompt above?
I know that the prompt is wrong (it lacks the start invisible chars \[;
a better version could be PS1='\[\e[1;37m\]\[\e[41m\][\h - \u]
[\w]\[\e[0m\]\n[\!]$ '),
but WHY before the upgrade it looked right and now it shows these smiles?

At first, I worried that some hackers have made me a joke... (I hope not!)


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