vayu wrote:

On May 15, 2006, at 2:15 AM, Nikolas Britton wrote:

I have an older 440MX based laptop that I'm fairly sure FreeBSD won't
like, I don't want to run windows on this box... so I'm looking for a
Linux distro that has a ports like system.

I need KDE,, and a 2.6 kernel installed by default... dammit...
I don't want to #$%! with Linux, maybe I'll give FreeBSD another try
first, anyways, thanks for the suggestions guys.

I've heard that Gentoo's package management system "Portage" is inspired by FreeBSDs ports, but I believe it's a bit of work to install and compile a working system.

I've been using Debian based Kubuntu on my laptop, and find the package management excellent. The installation and maintenance is easy. It's my choice when I want to install and go.
That would be in fact Gentoo Linux.
It's the only Linux distro I know that has a collection of files which describe the packages to install, sources, etc like FreeBSD's ports makefiles (they call them ebuilds), and compiles programs based on a local distfiles repository, like FreeBSD. The thing that's different about Gentoo than most OSes though is that it is a Linux distro where EVERYTHING (unless you specify a location to find binary packages) compiles and installs from scratch. So I'm not sure if you want to go that route, and I'm not saying it's a perfect system by any means, but in the event that Windows breaks (or I get tired of Windows (;..) I always have something to go back to, Unix wise, that has a lot of software functionality and is pretty stable. The best piece of advice regarding Gentoo that I can give is don't go for the hype, but rather for the options (software options that is), because you have the ability to greater customize your OS-for better or for worse-depending on what compile options you choose and the software you install.
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