fbsd wrote:
The best indicator that the ports collection has become to large is
that it took me 2 hours to download the complete port-all collection
using A DSL internet connection. To compile the ports I use took
another 11 hours. This is the reason I went to using packages in the
first place.

And installing it from the same CD that you installed the OS from would take about 1 minute. If you choose a method to install the ports that take several hours, should the FreeBSD folks take the blame for your choice? A 33.bKbps dialup connection should download the entire ports collection in under 3 hours. And DSL connection should do it in significantly less time. Even a 270Kbps down DSL connection should be able to snatch the whole thing in just over 20 minutes.

If I had a dialup connection or the uncredibly slow DSL connection you mention, I don't think I'd make the same choice that you made. I'd install from the CD. Updating through cvs might take 45 minutes then.

Downloading the complete port collection when I had a dial up
connection would go maybe 35 min and them get suspended by the cvs
site. I would rerun the job over and over again sometimes taking a
week or better to finally get it completed. This makes the download
of the complete port collect almost impossible for dial up users.

And yet, not once did you ever try to install from the CD? Why would you beat your head against the wall like that?

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