On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, Steve Hodgson wrote:

> Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2003 21:58:43 GMT
> From: Steve Hodgson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: Voodoo 3500 AGP under FreeBSD
> Sorry to be still hammering on about this problem - I am starting to
> feel a bit dense.
> I've tried a few times now to get FreeBSD running a GUI with my Voodoo
> 3500 AGP card.  Thanks to some helpful advice from
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] I reckon that I should be able to get things
> running using the tdfx X-server.  Other advice is that if my card ain't
> listed explicitly, it won't work.
> Longer term, a carefully-chosen card will be a great solution - at this
> point though I just want to try things out and the number of cards that
> will run BeOS, Linux, FreeBSD and/or Windows (this last reluctantly)
> seems a little limited.  As an aside one of the problems here is that
> BeOS now seems happier with *old* graphics cards (one of the problems
> that got me looking for the ONE OS in the first place).
> When I try to run the tdfx driver I am still unable to complete X
> Windows installation successfully so I suspect that it really may be a
> case of having to specify a specific card for a trouble free GUI.
> Just as an experiment I stuck on the latest Mandrake 9.0; in half an
> hour and I was up and running Gnome 2.0 with no problems whatsoever
> using a generic Voodoo driver.  Am I being stupid in thinking that this
> is the same XFree86?
> I really don't want to go down a Linux route, I've been burned too many
> times there in the past.  Any expertise greatly welcome at this point.
> cheers,
> Steve Hodgson

As fars as a card that works widely, nVidia provides binary drivers with 
3d accelleration for Win32, Linux and BSD for their current cards. My 
Geforce2 AGP works great in Linux and BSD.

Just a thought. That Voodoo3 should work fine, though no acdeleration tihs 
side of Mesa (software).


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