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On May 15, 2006, at 2:15 AM, Nikolas Britton wrote:

> I have an older 440MX based laptop that I'm fairly sure FreeBSD won't
> like, I don't want to run windows on this box... so I'm looking for a
> Linux distro that has a ports like system.
> I need KDE, X.org, and a 2.6 kernel installed by default... dammit...
> I don't want to #$%! with Linux, maybe I'll give FreeBSD another try
> first, anyways, thanks for the suggestions guys.

I've heard that Gentoo's package management system "Portage" is
inspired by FreeBSDs ports, but I believe it's a bit of work to
install and compile a working system.

I've been using Debian based Kubuntu on my laptop, and find the
package management excellent. The installation and maintenance is
easy.  It's my choice when I want to install and go.

Thanks, I didn't know Kubuntu / Ubuntu was Debian based. I like Debian
but the distribution always seems to be stuck in last year, It's still
using a 2.4 kernel, XFree86, and KDE 3.3!

Anyways, Kubuntu 6.06 Beta2 appears to meet most of my requirements so
I'll give it a whirl.

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