Jimmie James wrote:
>> i had been using sysutils/torsmo happily until i upgraded xorg to 6.9.
>> since then torsmo is not functioning properly, usually after a few
>> minutes its window output looses text and most graphics etc. maybe xorg
>> is not the (only) reason but as i upgraded all my ports after longer
> t>ime it's hard to say. (actually i've seen this behaviour on gentoo
>> since long long time ago.)
>> so my question is what are the (similar) alternatives to torsmo pls ??
>> cheers,
>> martin
> Conky, it's almost excatly like torsmo, and works with Xorg/XFCE4
> easy, not searching for rootwindow ID.
> #cat /usr/ports/sysutils/conky/pkg-descr
> Conky is an advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X
> WWW:    http://conky.sourceforge.net/

i've just installed it and it run w/o config file but since i copied the
sample config file to ~/.conkyrc it crashes with segmentation fault. :-(
i'll try to investigate tmrw or so what options if any makes it unhappy.
the crash shouldn't happen, though, of course.
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