2006/5/15, Martin Schweizer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Hello Dimitar

Am Sat, May 13, 2006 at 10:25:05AM +0200 Dimitar Vasilev schrieb:
> Speaking on prima vista:
> Boot in single user mode.
> Move the partiotions
> Recreate the sockets

How do I create sockets? I have no idea.

Usually the program makes the sockets after it is run.
In single user mode, no prog is active, so you can move the partition freely.
My colleagues have done this with /var on a server, on which I'm involved too.
If you want to create socket check
man socket
I think as a general rule, a prog should recreate its sockets, after
such operation.
You can go with just moving the imap in single user and I think it will be  ok.
Try this on a test box with imap to be sure.
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Dimitar Vassilev

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