I think it would be better to monitor mpd via syslog it can be done by doing:

open /etc/syslog.conf and add:

*.*                                             /var/log/mpd.log

Then, restart syslogd:

# touch /var/log/mpd.log
# killall -HUP syslogd

open /etc/newsyslog.conf and add:

# logfilename          [owner:group]    mode count size when  flags
/var/log/mpd.log                        644  4     100  *     J

run "mpd -b" all the mpd error/status should be in /var/log/mpd.log now, do tail -f /var/log/mpd.log and try connection if there and error it should be displayed in the log

Ok here's the result:

#  ngctl shut ng0
ngctl: shutdown: No such file or directory

"ngctl shut ng0:" please take note the semicolon dont leave it :)

ok i just resolve the error but my windows client still could not connect. It says that the Remote Computer did not Respond.

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